Unparalleled Protection – RISsafety’s largest inspection program finds 47% of sites non-compliant

September 30 2021

RISsafety is Australia’s market leader when it comes to the implementation and execution of large-scale servicing and maintenance programs. One of our trusted partners, who we have a decade long relationship with working on government contracts, contacted us when an incumbent service provider on a NSW government contract could not fulfil their agreed servicing time frames.  

The initial challenge 

To understand our client’s requirements, we utilised our extensive knowledge and expertise to identify non-conformances, improvements and innovations, scope the project and complete work at over 400 sites, with a three-month timeframe for project completion. 

Getting Started 

The RISsafety Service Delivery team began the preparations to allocate our resources to deliver the project in the required timeframes. We created the documentation that was specific to the requirements outlined by our client for the facilities management company to have approved.  

RISsafety construction safety

We identified several areas where some of the current practices could be streamlined to deliver an effective and efficient solution, which we discussed with our client. Once the improved process was approved, we then moved on to the next stage of the project puzzle, and in only 2 days we worked with our team to ensure that all of the necessary compliance and safety documentation were completed, as well as the inductions to enable the inspections to commence. Our client was thankful telling us, “Thanks for all of your efforts in working with our subcontractor administrators to complete the company set up information and inductions.” 

Working to Short lead times 

Only 2 business days later we had the proposal to the client and confirmed the timeframe for delivery of the project. The very next working day our client released the work orders to RISsafety, and we began to mobilise the project. We provided over 30 touch points within the contract, an immediate update, and the projected timeframes for our roll out so they were aware of the plan and to provide our client with peace of mind. The clients Subcontractor Manager was thrilled with the efforts of our team stating, “obviously we are very anxious with this late change to the program due to the inability to complete by another provider and the risk of completion of these works safely, so are appreciative of your enthusiasm and quick turnaround in you joining the contract”.  

Communication & Feedback 

RISsafety developed a communication plan for the client’s Regional Manager who was given regular updates, feedback and information throughout the progress of the project through to completion. 

Alice Morgan, National Project Manager for RISsafety, stated “I’m immensely proud of our whole team that has delivered our largest ever inspection program. Our technicians who are so passionate about protection have spent countless nights away from home in regional areas and our service delivery staff rose to the challenge to plan, schedule and execute the works whilst ensuring the accuracy of our submissions and compliance documentation through our customers portal. As a team we have been challenged, risen to the occasion, reflected on what we have done and can apply this going forward.” 

The Importance of Australian Standards Compliance 

The most concerning thing we found was the large number of sites where the equipment installed was not compliant with Australian Standards and the manufacturer’s installation instruction which creates significantly increased risk to the system users. Our highly trained and professional inspectors, who have undertaken our internal training package through the RIS Academy, were particularly shocked at this discovery. 

 AS/NZS 1891.4.2009 Industrial Fall-Arrest Systems and Devices – Selection, Use and Maintenance Section 1.4.2 defines a competent person as A person who has, through a combination of training, qualification and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to correctly perform a specified task” and a height safety equipment inspector as “A person who is competent in the skills needed to detect faults in height safety equipment and to determine remedial action”. 

RISsafety Client Solutions Manager, Edward Craig, worked with the client Regional Managers to develop proposals for the rectification of the issues found at the sites to be presented to the state government. The overriding purpose was to bring as many sites into compliance as quickly as possible in a cost-effective manner to protect those working at heights. “RISsafety knew from previous experience it is critical to reduce our client’s exposure as quickly as possible at the largest number of sites and then work through outlying cases. Our inspections showed that after 453 sites were inspected an alarming 181 of these were non-compliant”. RISsafety provided our partner with a number of proposals to take to their client with a view of returning the systems to compliance.  

A Solution Mindset 

We completed a comprehensive review of the project upon completion to identify improvements, efficiencies, and innovations to improve the client experience and minimise risk. RISsafety presented the review findings to our client and agreed the parties agreed to modifications to the project execution for the following year. “One of the great things about the second year of undertaking the compliance inspections was that our teams started to become integrated and efficient at solving any problems identified at the sites now that we had a deeper understanding of our client, and their client’s requirements and operations,” said Edward Craig.    

The inspection findings 

Unfortunately, 47% were noncompliant based on the inspections undertaken by our highly skilled recertification technicians.  

RISsafety provides unparalleled protection.

Thousands of emails and phone calls were made throughout the project, there were changes to our partner’s contract management structure on multiple occasions and we entered a brave new world with the impacts of COVID-19 yet we handled it all with ease.  

RISsafety mastered all the challenges with expert precision whilst being the highly regarded subject matter experts for people working at heights. We educated our partner so they could help their client navigate the complexities of Australian Standards and Work Health and Safety Regulations to understand their obligations. 

We developed strategies to help our partner’s client minimise risk including the provision of operations manuals for users of the height safety equipment. The Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Division 2 – Primary Duty of Care section f) states the provision of any information, training, instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety arising from work carried out as part of the conduct of the business or undertaking” with our operations manual ensuring that information and instruction is provided to the people using the equipment.  

The 2nd year 

Due to the success of the project, the number of sites RISsafety was engaged to inspect the subsequent year increased from 400 to 785, with the project delivered on time and on budget. 

We are very proud of the role that we play in helping our clients minimise their risk and protect people when working at heights through our collaborative approach to educating our partners. If we can assist you with a project of any size, please get in touch with us today.

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Unparalleled Protection – RISsafety’s largest inspection program finds 47% of sites non-compliant

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