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Roof Safety Systems

Facade Access

Introducing roof car facade systems.

As the trusted partner for height safety systems for 55 years, RISSafety has always looked for ways to provide safe, innovative solutions to clients. The RISSafety range of market-leading bespoke height safety options allows clients to find the perfect solution for their building and budget. 

Continuing in that tradition, RISSafety has introduced a new range of roof car systems that ensure a safe way for maintenance personnel to reach different areas of a building’s roof for inspection, repair or maintenance. 

Also known as building maintenance units or building maintenance systems, roof car systems provide access to external facades, roofs and other elevated areas allowing for relevant height-related tasks to be carried out effectively. Roof cars are commonly used in taller buildings or structures which have complex architectural features that require regular maintenance or repairs. 

One of the key benefits of roof car facade systems is their ability to provide safe access to areas that would otherwise be challenging or dangerous to reach. By using a suspended platform that moves along tracks or rails on the building’s exterior, maintenance personnel can access all sides of the building without the need for scaffolding or other temporary structures. This not only enhances worker safety but also minimises disruption to the building occupants and surrounding areas during maintenance activities. 

Roof car facade systems are highly adaptable and can be customised to meet the specific requirements of different buildings. They can accommodate various building geometries, heights and architectural features, ensuring comprehensive coverage and accessibility. The systems can also be designed to handle different load capacities to support the equipment and personnel needed for specific maintenance tasks. 

Different roof car facade systems for different needs


RISSafety has four different roof car facade systems available to suit the needs for buildings of different heights and with various facades. The range include a platform, guardrails and safety mechanisms to ensure the security of workers while working at heights.

The GPN is a highly versatile roof car system that can be used for buildings of all heights and has the ability to move along the edges of a roof top.

The GPN’s limited reach (4-5 metres maximum) means it is usually installed in buildings with straight facades. It is unsuited to facades with multiple protrusions. The two jibs, ability to operate with cradles of different sizes and affordability makes the GPN a popular model.


With its impressive height and long reach afforded by its single jib, the GPI can be used on buildings of all heights with straight or negative facades (when using a pantograph). The GPI is ideal for buildings when the roof design does not allow the movement next to the parapet.


The GPIT’s maximum reach makes it ideal for complex facades. It can be used on roofs with multiple obstacles and can incorporate a pantograph to provide access to setting back facades.

The GPIT model is used for buildings of all heights with straight or negative facades (when using a pantograph). GPIT is the perfect solution when one BMU has to provide access to different facade protrusions.


With a similar performance to other models in the range, the GCM is limited to buildings 120m tall with simple facades and clear roofs. Capability includes a cradle that can hold up to two people (depending om the cradle), and the cradle can be used by other suspended access systems installed in the building such as davits and gantries.