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Roof Safety Systems

Aluminium Handrails

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading height safety provider we design, test and install roof safety systems for any requirement on your site, whether permanent or temporary solutions are required. We have highly experienced and trained height safety experts across all states including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Everything we do, including our aluminium handrails, is certified by independent third parties to ensure its safety and ongoing reliability.

The RISSafety aluminium handrail system is made of durable material and is a culmination of extensive innovation, engineering and testing to ensure it meets and exceeds Australian and New Zealand standards. RISSafety aluminium Handrails are designed to be robust, installer friendly, cost effective and safe. The system is also extremely versatile, suitable for use across a wide variety of applications, ensuring maximum protection to workers in all work environments. RISSafety aluminium handrails may be fixed to any structure that is capable of supporting the required loads of a handrail system.

They are designed, manufactured and tested to be attached to metal roofing profiles as well as all configurations of concrete, timber and steel sub-structures.

Our handrails are modular, ready to install kit based systems that cater for the vast majority of site/system requirements. They offer the installer the advantage of reducing both preparation and installation time.

At RISSafety we live by our values Respect, Innovation, Solutions Oriented, and Safety. Living by these values means that our entire team works to give you peace of mind that everyone is safe. Our dedicated team are experts in height safety and will go to any length to give you the best service possible. RISSafety has a team of dedicated and specialised installers in each of our branches across the country and this guarantees the most professional and responsive service to our customers.