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Roof Safety Systems

Safety Access System Design

RISSafety recognises that safe design means the integration of access control measures early in the design process to eliminate or, if not practicable minimise safety risks for the life of a construction project.

Consideration of access to a structure will always be part of a broader set of design considerations, which also include functionality, practicability, cost and aesthetics.

When the small but essential design elements are lost to a wider budget and delivery pressures of a modern construction site, there is a knock on effect: increased hazards that can become serious workplace risks.

Eliminating workplace access hazards during the design and planning stage is easier, cheaper and – crucially – safer than making changes later in the construction process.

RISSafety as a systems designer and installer offers educated, calculated, tested and competent advice to clients, to ensure that the safety initiative commissioned on the building or structure will protect the safety of workers.

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