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Existing Structures

RISSafety’s top priority is the protection of people in all situations, ensuring everyone is safe, whether it is working at heights, in confined spaces or ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

When it comes to existing structures, height safety is not often top of mind.  But often old structures and buildings don’t meet Australian & New Zealand standards in safety.  RISSafety offers onsite inspections and audits to ensure your existing building meets these standards.`

Also, if you are renovating or adding solar to your existing structure it is important that you consider meeting regulations in height safety.  We have a specialised team of experts that design, manufacture and install bespoke safety systems for any structure or situation.

Every system we design, manufacture and install, has been tested and certified by accredited independent third parties. So, whether it’s a refurbishment or upgrade to an existing building, general inspection and maintenance – RISSafety prides ourselves in designing, manufacturing, installing and inspecting height safety systems on any site, across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

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