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Roof Safety Systems

Specialised Engineering/Fabrication

RISSafety has a comprehensive engineering and fabrication workshop and are able to design solutions and construct complex structures to address all safe access requirements.

RISSafety employs a team of talented fabricators across a wide range of trades, so we are therefore able to offer our clientele a product and service portfolio that will satisfy our industry stringent hierarchy of control as a national solution provider.

RISSafety is also at the forefront of research and development and have designed a number of world first safety solutions to address industry wide problems.

The RISSafety internal management capabilities and national branch infrastructure allow us to effectively manage large scale specialised engineering and fabrication projects across Australia.

Designing, manufacturing and installing complex structures are part of our everyday business with Rolling Gantries, Cross Over Bridges, Stairs and Ramps, Adventure Walks on top of buildings just some of the specialised products that we can accomplish.

To learn more about specialised engineering and fabrication for your site, please contact us.