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Roof Safety Systems

Davit Arms

The RISSafety Davit Arms can be designed to suit most parapet and site requirements. RISSafety’s Davit Arms can be moved around to numerous bases on site for fall arrest or abseil applications. They are designed to 12 and 15kN rating, depending on the model our standard Davit Arm, DA110 and DA120 have been designed and tested to comply with AS/NZS 5532:2013 standards.

Our Davit Arms are made from a combination of Aluminium and Galvanized Mild Steel they can be used in both fall arrest and fall restraint applications. They are designed to remain firm and not flex under normal working loads, and can be rotated 3600 for ease of access, they can be retrofitted to concrete walls or floors and can be fixed by Mechanical or Chemical fixing to concrete or steel work. RISSafety also has a base that can be set into concrete during pouring. It can also be adapted so that a horizontal rail system can be added to the arm.

As Australia and New Zealand’s leading height safety provider, we actually design, test and install all the roof safety systems on your site. What’s more is that we can even provide inspections to ensure your height safety is compliant over time. We specialise in customised roof safety systems. We know that no 2 roofs are exactly the same. So, we custom design and manufacture the correct systems for your specific site, so if you need help with your height safety requirements get in touch today.