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Our Core Values:

    RISsafety protects people (workers, contractors, and visitors). We have completed system installations on over 30,000 sites, and over 2.1 million inspections on over 22,000 sites – protection is what we do best.
    Everything RISsafety does increases safety in the workplace, for our team and for client’s staff and contractors. We truly are your onestop-height-safety-shop from design & manufacture to installation & inspection.
  3. TEAM
    Our highly trained team of experts strives to surpass client expectations for service and solution delivery. It’s our customercentric approach that really sets us apart.
    We deliver innovative, technical, bespoke solutions for each client’s requirement. There is no height safety problem that we cannot solve.
    Built into every stage of all engineering, product development and manufacturing, solution design & installation, audits, inspections and everything we do to meet or exceed AU & NZ standards and maintain our ISO9001 accreditation.1


"Thanks to RISsafety for the height safety inspection and work completed at our Woolworths store. The level of professionalism and communication was fantastic and it will help ensure the ongoing safety of our staff."
- Store Manager, Woolworths
"With RISsafety, I know they will deliver a good solution and it will be on time. This means we save money because we’re not getting hit by late delivery fees from our clients."
- Bren Lukic, Project Manager, Hindmarsh Constructions
"Both in the installation of the systems and the way they completed the work safely with the minimum of fuss."
- Mick Caddis, Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts
"…the speed with which they are getting through what needs to be done is to be commended."
- Eddie McGoldrick, Project manager, Defence Materiel Organisation
"Much appreciated getting the job done with such short notice. Could you also thank the RIS team involved."
- Terry Hagarty, Managing Director, Hagartys Complete Roofing
"…RIS have done a wonderful job…. I would recommend Roofsafe for any future walkway/height compliance upgrade works at not only this site but at other AMP Capital sites."
- Darren Hynes, Facility Manager VIC, AMP Capital
"… the Observation Deck continued to trade during the construction process, the project was delivered on time and with zero workplace incidents…"
- Andrew Sharry, General manager Skypoint Observation Deck
"Thanks, did a fantastic job onsite!"
- Rob Liesegang, Barton College
"… look forward to working with RIS on future projects."
- Jason Ball, Project Manager, Georgiou Building
"The Brookfield Multiplex Construction Management team have been very happy with the professionalism of RIS."
- Michael Kilmartin, Brookfield Multiplex
"RIS highly skilled installers completed the project at a high quality standard."
- Antony Ranaldo, Project manager, Baulderstone
"The services received from RIS Safety are comprehensive and of the highest standards which are in line with the delivery of our projects."
- Daniel, Gartner Rose Roofing
"We are extremely pleased with what has been achieved by their team in a tight timeframe, their installation team are to be congratulated for the quality of workmanship and attention to detail shown in this iconic build."
- Darren Chandler, General Manager AOSMA


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