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Commercial & Residential Towers

RISSafety manufactures, designs and installs height safety solutions to all types of high-rise buildings including commercial and residential towers. In fact we are the largest manufacturer, supplier and installer of height safety systems for high-rise buildings. We have completed systems on Australia’s tallest building being Gold Coast’s 78 floor Q1 standing at 322.5 metres (including the spire).

Part of our unique value system is to provide a one-stop total solution for height safety, access, and confined space solutions. From new buildings, to retrofitting systems onto existing buildings, we provide custom and bespoke solutions for your buildings. No two buildings are exactly the same, so height safety solutions cannot be either.

From designing your building’s safety access system, to installation and certification – we do it all. RISSafety’s trained experts provide onsite Inspection and Certification of your height safety and confined space systems and having completed over 1.5 million inspections on over 20,000 sites, we ensure the exact requirements of Australian & New Zealand Standards are met and exceeded.

Quality is built into every stage of the systems we design, manufacture and install and everything is tested and certified by accredited independent third parties. So, you can rest assured that your system meets and exceeds Australian & New Zealand standards. We even have branches across Australia and presence in New Zealand, so you will receive a consistent service no matter where you are located.

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