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Roof Safety Systems

Custom Platforms, Air Conditioning Platforms & Gantries

RISSafety designs, manufactures and installs specialised platforms, air conditioning platforms, gantries and suspended walkways to many structures across Australia. The high risk of falls can be controlled through the use of platforms, gantries and catwalks that are well designed and built to the requirements needed for safe access. What’s more is that all of our platforms & gantries are independently tested and certified, giving you the peace of mind needed with safety equipment.

Maintenance-free, a platform, gantry or catwalk access system is the easiest and safest system to implement. RISSafety designs and installs aluminium platforms, gantries and catwalks to the side(s) of cooling towers, for internal access in roof spaces, overhead services, crane access and many more specialised applications. AC units suspended internally, typically between a suspended ceiling and roof, provide a challenge for carrying out maintenance safely and within occupational health & safety requirements. The RISSafety solution is to provide platforms, gantries and catwalks alongside these units with stable and secure ladder access onto structural aluminium extrusions.

Whatever your application, we can custom design the platform and gantry to suit your site. Check out this custom gantry system we designed, manufactured and installed for Warrington Fire. You will not find anyone else like us who can tailor to your specific site requirements, and still meet & even exceed the required compliance standards. Get in touch with us today to learn more about platforms & gantries for your site.

How Can RISSafety Help With HVAC Installation

When it comes to HVAC Installation, it is very likely that your installers will need safe roof access, or even confined space access. Learn more about how we can help by visiting the page below.

HVAC Installation

Learn How We Helped Ellis Air Conditioning on Brisbane’s Largest Integrated CBD Development

Brisbane Quarter at 300 George St once housed Queensland’s old supreme courthouse. Now, it is a mix of modern high-rise buildings, both commercial and residential. When Ellis Air Conditioning needed to ensure permanent and safe access to the cooling towers, they called in our experts from RISSafety. Learn all about the project here.

When it comes to air conditioning platforms, gantries and suspended walkways that can be customised to suit your site, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.