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HVAC Installation

Whether it’s a new or replacement HVAC Installation, it is likely that your installers will need safe roof access or confined space access. RISSafety is Australia’s leading safety system provider. We design, manufacture, install and inspect all of our custom-built safety systems. We know that when it comes to safety, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Our dedicated team of Key Account Managers will work closely with you to determine the best bespoke solution for your site.

We work with many Commercial Air Conditioning companies to provide bespoke solutions tailored to ensure safe access to HVAC systems installed in all new commercial builds. It is important to plan and consider safe access in the planning stage to get the best outcome and ensure compliant systems to meet Australian Standards. Learn more here how our approach saved time and money when working on Brisbane’s largest CBD development to ensure safe access to their air conditioning system.

Safety is at the core of what we do. For this reason, all of our equipment has been independently tested and certified to meet, and even exceed, Australian and New Zealand standards. So, you can have peace of mind that your HVAC Installation will be completed with the utmost safety in mind. Our safety systems are of the highest quality too. Most of our equipment is manufactured or assembled in Australia, and we will custom-design any requirement – something that cannot be matched elsewhere.

Choosing your safety partner involves trust. And trust comes with experience. We have completed over 1.5 million inspections on over 20,000 sites, and it is our customer-centric approach that really sets us apart. Whatever your safety requirements are, we have the solution for you. Our extensive experience means you can rely on us in the long run.

Our top priority is to protect and keep people safe. If you are adding or maintaining a HVAC system on your building, then make sure your safety systems are up to scratch first. We have a specialised team of experts that can help you to determine what you need to ensure that your building is safe and compliant.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you with your ongoing safety needs.