Height Safety On Brisbane’s Largest Integrated CBD Development

Model of 300 George St BrisbaneWhen it comes to commercial construction it doesn’t get much bigger than the Brisbane Quarter at 300 George St, Brisbane’s largest integrated CBD development.  The site which once housed Queensland’s old supreme courthouse will soon have three ultra-modern high-rise buildings with a mix of residential & commercial, that contains a new Residential, Hotel and Office towers (39 levels).

The residential tower boasts 82 levels, so you can imagine height safety and access solutions needed to be top of mind in the design and build of this development.  RISsafety’s core values are protection, safety, solutions, team & quality and every value came into play while working on this project.  RISsafety was commissioned by Ellis Air Conditioning (Qld) Pty Ltd, industry leaders in commercial air conditioning (who, like RISsafety, loves the challenge of out-of-the-ordinary projects!), to ensure permanent & safe access to the cooling towers.  These cooling towers are housed on top of the office tower and requires safe access to these for future maintenance.   This required RISsafety to design, manufacture and install a three level access platform system, to provide safe access to the sides and top of the cooling towers. Access step ladders and stairs were installed to provide access between levels and within the cooling towers.  It was RISsafety’s solution focused, team approach that won them the opportunity to work on this project with Ellis Air; “the ease of working with RISsafety was apparent from the beginning, nothing was too hard or impossible.  They were keen to explore innovative ways & new systems to get optimum results”, said Joshua Daley, Project Director, Ellis Air.

RISsafety specialises in delivering innovative, technical, bespoke solutions for each client’s requirements – “no job is ever the same and our primary focus is not only making sure each job meets Australian standards, but that we offer the safest and easiest height access solution to clients – we like to ensure we go above and beyond the standards”, says Aaron Wilson, Business Development Manager, RISsafety.  What enabled RISsafety to deliver this bespoke solution approach is their in-house capabilities to design, manufacture, install and certify; “their design was great from the start along with their recommendation of lighter weight material used for their height safety access system” said Joshua Daley.  Meeting and exceeding Australian and New Zealand’s standards is critical, everything RISsafety designs, manufactures and installs has also been tested and certified by accredited independent third parties.

Height Safety for 300 George Street Brisbane

Like any commercial project of this scale, timing and budget are everything, but not everything always goes according to plan!  “There was time pressure for the crane to come down from the site, yet there was no space to work on the roof within this timeframe as there was so many trades” said Aaron Wilson.  “So, we worked with the construction company & Ellis Air to crane our safety system onto Level 4, so we had the space to work on constructing the system and then craned it up to the top level”.  “Ultimately this solution orientated team approach from RISsafety on this particular part of the project, saved a lot of time and ultimately money” said Joshua Daley.

RISsafety builds quality into every stage of the process from design, to manufacturing and installation in order to deliver a consistent and best in class service which is also evidenced by their ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation.

RISsafety have a dedicated Account team who consults with the client from design of the project, manufacture and oversees ongoing installation and service delivery.

“I got great reports from my Site Manager about the RISsafety installation guys on site, they were really great to work with” stated Joshua Daley.

The greatest compliment of all comes when our clients can see our passion, “we do a lot of business with people that you get the vibe, that they aren’t interested in what they do, but you can really see that RISsafety is very passionate about what they do” said Joshua Daley.

Whether it’s a new building, existing building, or general inspection and maintenance RISsafety prides themselves in designing, manufacturing, installing and inspecting height safety systems on any site, across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.  Contact us today for help with your next project.