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February 20, 2024

How to choose an employer with strong values in height safety

Looking for a workplace where your values align with that of an Australian market leader? A company where career progression and opportunities are encouraged? A job where you make a real difference in ensuring that workers go home safely every day?

Whether you’re just starting your height safety career or are looking to challenge yourself in a rapidly growing organisation, here’s why you should consider RISSafety as your future employer.

Safety first – always

Safety is more than a protocol here at RISSafety; it’s our core value. As an Australian-owned company in the height safety, height access and fall protection industry, we keep up to date with changes in the industry and to relevant legislation.

RISSafety breathes life into its values, creating a safe, collaborative and open workplace where every individual is highly valued. We integrate safety into every aspect of our operations, going beyond the standard safety at heights to encompass a holistic approach to a secure working environment. This dedication to safety is why our team loves coming to work every day, and it’s what sets us apart in the industry.

A culture that nurtures success

At RISSafety, creativity is encouraged and ‘thinking outside the box’ is the norm. Our dynamic work environment ensures that no two days are the same, which means opportunities for challenge and growth. This vibrant atmosphere is what keeps our team engaged and passionate about their roles, fostering a best-in-class service for our clients.

If you’re drawn to an environment that challenges you to succeed and provides unwavering support, your search ends with RISSafety.

Investing in your training and development

RISSafety’s comprehensive induction program is just the beginning of your ongoing growth. We commit to continuous investment in our team through ongoing training and professional development opportunities. Our focus on cultivating your skills ensures that you will always be at the forefront of industry knowledge and practices.

Embracing flexibility and collaboration

RISSafety understands that innovation stems from flexibility and a collaborative spirit. Regardless of your role, we maintain an open-door policy where every opinion is not only heard but valued. This collective approach translates into a more robust service for our customers and a more enriching work experience for you. We also understand the importance of work-life balance and offer the flexibility needed to ensure every team member can thrive both professionally and personally.

Dedication to quality

Our commitment to high-quality work is evident in everything we do. As experts in our field, we consistently exceed industry standards, which is immediately noticeable to those who join our team. We are proud to have created an environment where attention to detail is the norm, ensuring that everyone is part of a culture that strives for excellence. Our employees are encouraged to pursue perfection in their work, creating a reputation for our brand that is synonymous with reliability and exceptional standards.

A growing company means more opportunities

Due to continued growth, RISSafety is now looking to grow its team. We are always open to hearing from people who:

  • Are passionate about all aspects of safety
  • Are willing to learn
  • Are a team player
  • Hold a current drivers licence
  • Have previous relevant experience.

Whether you’re looking for a role in Brisbane or Sydney, you will find all open vacancies listed on our careers page.

Join the RISSafety family

If you’re ready to be part of an organisation where success is nurtured, ideas are listened to and your growth is a priority, then RISSafety is your future. Explore our current vacancies and find the role that’s just right for you. At RISSafety, we don’t just rise to the challenge—we rise together.

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