Building and Façade Maintenance

From historical buildings, to modern scientific facilities, hospitals and any public building – RISSafety is highly experienced in working on all facets of building maintenance and façade maintenance. Having completed over 1.5million inspections on over 20,000 sites, we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and height safety solutions to optimise the functionality and the appearance of your building. We also work in with designers and architects to ensure our safety equipment keeps within the look, feel and character of the building.  A good example of this is our work on the SA Metro Firestation, which needed to keep within the character code.

Ensuring that your building is functional and aesthetically pleasing will contribute to the amount of people that want to live in, buy, rent or lease space from you. We work on all aspects including commercial and residential building façade maintenance, roof & gutter repairs, installation in hard to access areas, cleaning and repairs to rope access work and complex or difficult to access projects.

At RISSafety we put the protection and safety of people first.  We use the highest quality equipment, all of which has been independently tested and certified by accredited third parties to meet and even exceed Australian and New Zealand standards.

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