RISsafety Wins Inaugural Spotless Award for Height Safety Services

September 9 2019

Spotless Award RISsafetyTo keep their buildings and facilities running smoothly at an optimal, safe and cost-effective level, many organisations turn to Spotless.  As part of the height safety component of the requirements of Spotless, they engaged RISsafety to work across a variety of sites that Spotless manage.

To ensure a successful partnership, RISafety is measured on a number of strict targets that form the measurable KPI; Completion of the works in a timely manner,Scheduling and Completing the work, Accuracy of Documentation, ease of processing documentation – just to name a few. Although the highest importance rating of the total KPI comes from our safety record whilst onsite, and considering we’re a safety company, it’s what we are best at. So, when we were awarded the inaugural 2018/2019 Spotless Award as their trusted partner, we were ecstatic. The award was well deserved by the RIS team through a joint collaboration between the RISsafety height safety systems team in SA and the National Recertification Team.

So how did this award come about? Spotless determines a performance rating based on a long list of KPIs to each of their sub-contractors. Although 80% is a pass, the real goal is to exceed 95%; which is exactly what we have achieved at RISsafety. Supply Partners to Spotless with a performance rating above 95% are few and far between and this award is only provided to the top performers.

“We’ve received and maintained this rating from lots of hard work. On top of the required KPIs from Spotless, we work very closely with our partners to ensure they have everything they need.  We put the customer at the heart of what we do so when it required us to change our reporting process and introducing monthly meetings to learn about opportunities and issues, that’s what we do” said Jason Anderson, RISsafety’s SA/NT State Manager.

The projects RISsafety has worked on for Spotless have been wide ranging. From hospitals to heritage buildings to fire departments, each project comes with different demands, requirements and constraints. No project is the same, and that’s why RISsafety specialises in custom height safety, and never a one-size-fits-all approach.  It’s this approach and flexibility to adapt to our client’s needs that ensures our customers are satisfied with work that RISsafety does for them.

The KPIs and this award are a great idea by Spotless. It helps Spotless to communicate to Supply Partners what they are doing right and where they can improve. Overall it lifts the service standard that Spotless expect to receive from their Supply Partners.

These awards will be an annual event.  Jason says “Our strategy at RISsafety is to continue winning these awards, and it’s not easy to do. Lots of time, effort and communication led us to this win.” RISsafety prides themselves on having the highest level of service for all our clients. “It’s a nice award to get. We will ensure we stay at 95%+ and our challenge is to even push the 100% barrier. We are further advanced now and only looking to move upwards from 95%” said Jason.

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