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March 12, 2024

How to choose a height safety company

The Australian market is crowded with height safety companies, which can make choosing the right partner for your needs sometimes daunting. Ensuring the safety of your employees, contractors and other workers working at heights on your site is crucial, which makes choosing a reliable and experienced height safety provider imperative to long-term success and trust in the industry. Among the many options available, one name stands out – RISSafety, Australia’s leading national height safety provider.

Here’s why you should choose RISSafety for all your height safety needs.

Experienced staff who are passionate about safety

With more than 55 years’ experience in designing and installing customised height safety solutions for companies large and small, there is nothing about height safety that RISSafety doesn’t know. Increasing safety in the workplace is what RISSafety does. They are unique in having the ability to create a solution from design and manufacture to installation and inspection.

Working with RISSafety means working with professionals who are passionate about creating innovative solutions that put the safety of workers and end users first.

“It is the people at RISSafety who make the organisation the first choice for businesses across Australia and New Zealand,” says CEO Mark Casey.

“Everyone at RISSafety prides themselves on their ability to be solutions-orientated while remaining customer-focused,” says Mark.

“Safety is our passion. We prioritise creating a safe environment for our people, customers and partners. Our commitment to safety is unwavering and central to everything we do.”

Elevating safety solutions

Our comprehensive suite of services and products designed to mitigate risks associated with working at heights includes creating customised solutions. RISSafety’s engineering workshop can design bespoke solutions for height safety access at even the most challenging sites.

“There’s no height safety problem that we can’t create a solution for,” says Mark.

All products and services in our portfolio satisfy the industry’s stringent hierarchy of control and everything we supply and install is also independently tested to meet, and even exceed, Australian and New Zealand Standards.

 Tailored solutions for every industry

 We have solutions for a variety of industries including:

  • Building maintenance

We understand the intricate challenges posed by maintaining buildings, whether they are towering skyscrapers or sprawling industrial facilities. Our bespoke height safety solutions encompass everything from roof access systems to maintenance platforms, ensuring that maintenance crews can work efficiently and safely at any elevation.

  • Mining

In the challenging terrain of the mining industry, safety is not negotiable. RISSafety’s expertise extends to providing specialised height safety solutions for mining operations. From robust fall protection systems to confined space solutions, RISSafety equips mining companies with the tools needed to protect their workers against hazards associated with working at heights in this demanding sector.

  • Infrastructure

From comprehensive roof safety systems and gantries for transportation hubs to custom fall prevention solutions for bridge maintenance, RISSafety ensures that workers in the infrastructure sector can carry out their tasks with confidence and security.

  • Solar installation

As Australia continues to embrace renewable energy, the need for safety for workers is paramount. Installing solar usually involves working on rooftops, so without adequate safety systems in place there can be significant risks to the safety of workers.

The importance of staying complaint

Maintaining compliance through regular height safety inspections is vital, says Mark. Height safety inspection and certification is required at either 6 or 12 months depending on the type of materials used in the systems. If systems are exposed to harsh environments, or if corrosion is an issue, more frequent recertification inspections are advised.

Height safety assessments conducted by trained, authorised staff include:

  • Compliance inspections and documentation
  • Site maps of assets and locations
  • Operational manuals
  • Planned and reactive maintenance
  • Asset identification and numbering system
  • Site audits
  • Defect rectification
  • Condition reporting
  • System design
  • System installation.

Inspections results review current compliance of the height safety systems, detail any non-compliance issues, and outline any recommended actions to ensure the systems remain compliant and safe.

“Regular inspections keep your workers, users and site visitors safe,” says Mark. “These inspections also cover all existing safety measures and systems including ladders, scaffolding, harnesses, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), guard rails and anchor points.”

Inspection details are recorded in RISSafety’s database to demonstrate the systems meet Australian and New Zealand Standards and legislation.

Reputation: A foundation of trust

With a record of successful projects – from lightweight roof structures to checking height safety compliance – RISSafety has gained trust and recognition for delivering innovative solutions that prioritise safety without compromising efficiency.

Our dedication to compliance with industry standards and regulations ensures that businesses partnering with us are not only meeting legal requirements but exceeding them. With a proven track record, industry expertise and a commitment to tailored solutions, RISSafety is the height safety partner your business needs.

If you need more technical Information visit our website to request our installation guides or technical data.

Don’t compromise when it comes to the safety of your team. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our tailored can safeguard your business against the risks associated with working at heights.

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