Custom Built Gantry System for Warrington Fire

Making certain that products and processes are fit-for-purpose and fire-safe, is no easy task. From testing products for fire resistance to evaluating ignition, flame spread, smoke generation and toxicity – this is just the start of the extensive services that Warrington Fire provides.

One of Warrington Fire’s fire laboratories in Melbourne, responsible for these crucial tasks, needed an important upgrade of their height safety equipment. “The existing gantry framework only allowed us to access 2/3 of the top of the furnace. It limited where we could put test specimens,” said Patrick Motteram, Technical Specialist at Warrington Fire. “To test a product or process thoroughly, we need to observe the behaviour and watch significant events occur during tests. So, we were quite limited in how much we could do in a test.”

Warrington Fire needed an upgraded gantry system. After profiling 3 potential suppliers, RISsafety was selected as the most fit for purpose by their Operations Manager and Quality, Safety & Environment Manager. After surveying the requirements, RISsafety quickly knew that a fully customised gantry system was required, and any ‘off-the-shelf’ product was simply not going to work, with Patrick stating “RISsafety understood what we needed pretty quickly!”

What was of utmost importance was scheduling of this height safety equipment. “RISsafety’s ability to fit in with our schedule was crucial. That furnace is our major production capability and we needed the least possible down time” said Patrick. “We had to block out time on our test schedule to allow for this and RISsafety delivered perfectly on schedule.”

Top of Gantry SystemWith the new gantry system, it now provides full 360-degree access and monitoring of any test specimens. This expands Warrington Fire’s capabilities for full scale horizontal specimens, allowing great specimen densities in penetration tests. “By having full access, we can load up specimens all around which gives our customers better value, allows us to deliver more and we can now get things done more quickly” said Patrick.

“We chose RISsafety first and foremost, because of Safety. We have stringent safety protocols and RISsafety was seamlessly compliant with this” Patrick went on to say. “I was in direct contact with the RISsafety crew who implemented the system. They were fantastic. They were a great group of guys to have here and they worked in nicely with our shop floor team. We’ve had a lot of cowboys come in here previously, so we know good guys when we see them.”

After learning about RISsafety through a Google Search, Patrick described his experience, “this was the first time we’ve worked with RISsafety and I’d have absolutely no issues in working with them again. They tick all the boxes for us!”.

At RISsafety we pride ourselves on our values; SAFETY, PROTECTION, QUALITY, SOLUTIONS and TEAM. It is these values that drive our ongoing success & passion, which is noticed by our team and our clients alike. Whether you have a new or existing project, we can custom design any height safety equipment requirement to suit your needs, across any site throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can work together on your next project.

Custom Gantry System at Warrington Fire Gantry System at Warrington Fire