Shopping Centre Roof Safety Systems

Caddens CornerRoof Safety System Access Ladder is the latest Shopping Centre developed and built as part of the Western Sydney University Precinct. The five-star Green Star Design of Caddens Corner boasts over 35 stores including a Woolworths, childcare centre and gym along with features like a water play area and natural play elements. Mainbrace Construction, Australia’s leading and most experienced Retail Builder, was commissioned to undergo this great development. As part of the Green Star Design, it meant that there were multiple buildings that were joined only by a lightweight polycarbonate roof, which needed a good designed roof safety system. “The challenge that this design posed was this meant there were multiple access points to the roof and we needed to ensure that these access points didn’t impact on the visual statement of the building” said Peter Stritt, Senior Project Manager, Mainbrace.

As per Australian Standards, height safety is critical to the design and construction of any building. RISsafety specialises in height and roof safety systems and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver bespoke safety solutions to suit any design and requirement for our clients. We achieve this by owning the process from design to implementation with our own in-house engineers and fabrication workshop. “It is all about our customer-centric approach, understanding our client’s needs and providing tailored solutions to meet these” said Jonathan Lawlor, Business Development Manager, RISsafety.

It was this approach that won RISsafety’s tender for the Caddens Corner project, “not only did RISsafety deliver within the budget, prior to winning the job, RISsafety came out to site and did a walk around, discussing all the different options and solutions to minimise the visual impact” said Peter. “It wasn’t just about price, it was about delivering the right solutions also”.

The overall roof safety system installed included, safe roof access points, with minimum visual impact on the shopping centres aesthetics, along with roof walkways and handrails for ease of movement on the roof and fall protection. All designed, manufactured and installed by RISsafety to meet Mainbrace’s quality, timings, and cost expectations. Quality is built into every stage of designing height safety systems, from engineering, product development and manufacturing, to installation, so everything we do meets or exceeds AU & NZ standards and in accordance with our ISO9001 accreditation.

The way building and construction is heading, the Green Star Rating within the construction industry is becoming a top priority to ensure that buildings minimise the impact on the environment, and most clients don’t want this at the expense of poor looking buildings, so it is important to be able to deliver this while still achieving great looking aesthetics. “Height safety and access solutions are extremely important and we ensure in every job we deliver, that it blends in with the look of the building” said Jonathon Lawlor, RISsafety, Business Development Manager.

At RISsafety, we live by our values SAFETY, PROTECTION, QUALITY, SOLUTIONS and TEAM. Living by these values means that our entire team works to give you peace of mind that everyone is safe. Our dedicated team members are experts in height safety and will go to any length to give you the best service possible. We have dedicated and specialised installers in each of our branches across the country and this guarantees the most professional and responsive service to our customers. So get in touch with us to learn how we can help you with your roof safety systems now, and into the future.


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