Protecting Precious things – Art, Science and People at Museums Victoria

Museums Victoria showcases some of Australia and the world’s most significant art works throughout their network comprising Scienceworks, the Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum, IMAX, the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and the Royal Exhibition Building. These iconic buildings that house Australia’s largest museum organisation and protect priceless artworks have a synergy with RISsafety who protect people when working at heights.

RISsafety has a long standing maintenance contract to perform compliance inspections and recently worked with our partner to improve operational efficiencies. “Last month, we completed the annual inspections over 6 buildings. “It was really easy to work with RISsafety, really easy to contact them,” says Facility Manager, John Robison. “I told them what I wanted to achieve and RISsafety said ‘No problems,’ which made my life easier.”

“I mainly look after the Royal Exhibition Building, and I do all the scheduling, getting all the reports together and communicate the inspection process out to our whole team,” John continues.  “We just finished the annual inspections with RISsafety; they actually picked up on minor problems on the install that were done by another company, so I’m really glad RISsafety identified those issues. They are very thorough!”

Recertification inspections are imperative to ensure the ongoing compliance of height safety systems which are utilised by other trades and services to safely undertake maintenance activities. Our highly skilled inspectors, who have been through our internally developed and industry leading training program, perform compliance inspections in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS1891, AS/NZS1657, AS/NZS4488 and AZ/NZS5532, relevant Codes of Practice and the Work Health and Safety Act.

Reducing risk is embedded in the RIS way from robust processes and procedures, through to documented training and assessment programs for our technicians, our online worker management system, RISconnect, as well as our bespoke workflow management system that captures information in real time and is stored securely.

RISsafety’s dedicated Client Solutions Specialist for the Museums Victoria account, Georgia Thamm, recently met with John and 2 of our senior inspectors on site. “Our people are critical to developing exceptional relationships with our customers, their passion, knowledge and friendly dispositions creates trust” said Georgia. “Our passion for safety translates to maintenance practices and the most stringent inspection criteria of fall protection and height safety systems to avoid unnecessary risks or injuries for our customers and their workers and contractors”.

“RISsafety is very good at what they do. They are very detailed and knowledgeable on all the regulations. I depend on their knowledge to keep our buildings safe,” says John. In an industry that is completely unregulated with no nationally recognised qualifications for competent height safety inspectors you can trust that RIS will have you covered.

Workplace safety is the responsibility of managers, directors and any persons conducting business or undertaking (PCBUs). If they fail to demonstrate a safe workplace, there could be serious repercussions. In 2020, we saw a WA building company director imprisoned after the death of a worker and another’s serious injury due to worksite falls from height. It is crucial to know your responsibilities when it comes to workplace height safety, and recertification inspections are just the start.

We pride ourselves on fostering ongoing relationships with our clients, so they know that we’re there to support them beyond the routine inspections. Adds John: “I’m so glad we have RISsafety in our corner… I can’t think of any way that RISsafety could improve. Although if I did, I know I could just email them and get a quick solution.”

“I would definitely recommend RISsafety to others in the industry. They are the first company that comes to mind for me when it comes to height safety – they make my life easy.”

If you need more information on compliance inspections, or your responsibilities regarding height safety, please contact us today.