A Clinical Approach to Roof Safety Systems in South Australia

Western Hospital is a private acute care surgical and medical hospital located at Henley Beach, South Australia. When the hospital needed recommendations to improve their access to the roof for maintenance and facility management in a safe way, RISsafety was called in to help.

Our team at RISsafety first conducted an audit. During this, we found there were no fall protection barriers or fall prevention systems in place. One of the client’s requirements was for the roof access system to be user-friendly and without the requirement for the use of safety harnesses at any time.

We needed to ensure that the solution was not only suitable for all tasks to be performed, and that the solution would also serve the hospital well into the future. Our team knew that a customised solution would be the best approach to meet all the requirements for this facility where the safety of workers and contractors was of paramount importance to the owners and operators of the site.

After completing all our research and analysis, we provided a solution to manufacture, supply, install & certify customised aluminum handrail systems to surround the external perimeter of the entire roof area. This solution allowed for total non-harness-based access to all areas of the roof including a handrail, roof walkway and access ladder systems too. Upon completing this project, we provided the hospital with a user-friendly and compliant roof safety access system that was easily accessible and manageable.

The solution installed by RISsafety provides the safest systems available whilst removing the requirement for the use of personal protective equipment such as harnesses and lanyards which require a higher level of training and skill by the users, and at a reduced cost over the life of the system. This solution also significantly reduces the risk of a potential fall at the site. All these factors combine to ensure the site can be maintained in safe ways and at reduced cost compared to harness-based systems.

“This is a really good example of using our expertise to gain the confidence & trust from the client to invest in a safer & more user-friendly system over the long term” said Rob Tucker, Safety & Rescue Advisor, RISsafety.

Rob went on to say “RISsafety’s experience and expertise in implementing high quality roof safety systems for large scale commercial buildings was a key reason that we were selected for this project. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all approach, so we pride ourselves on assessing individual requirements and proposing bespoke solutions specifically for our individual client’s needs.”

So, if you are looking for solutions to your height safety needs with personalised attention then get in touch with us today. We are your one-stop height safety shop, and we’d love to help with your height safety systems now and into the future.


Roof of Western Hospital Roof of Western Hospital Showing Solar Panels Roof Safety System on Western Hospital Roof Walkway System on Western Hospital Roof Team Standing on Western Hospital Roof Ladder Access to Western Hospital Roof