2018 Commonwealth Games Parklands Project

Height safety installation at Commonwealth GamesRISsafety manufactures, installs and designs height safety and access systems, including systems to meet a variety of client and building requirements to meet the Australian Standards. RISsafety designed and installed the façade and roof access systems for building cleaning and maintenance at the  Commonwealth Games Parklands complex on the Gold Coast. “We designed the system at Parklands with the clients on-going costs in mind. By casting in
the anchors we have been able to reduce the client’s costs for annual inspection and maintenance of the system which has delivered a total cost of ownership benefit to the client,” said Barry Johnson, CEO of RISsafety.

RISsafety has been an industry leader with more than 30 years experience. RISsafety employs over 100 staff and brings professional expertise in employee protection when working at heights. Five employees were engaged at Parklands to implement the height safety and access solution. With increased awareness in the industry about safety considerations on work sites and best practice risk management being the name of the game in the building industry, RISsafety has the experience and capabilities to provide local and international projects with practical solutions for any height safety, confined space or rope access application. To meet best practice in risk mitigation, RISsafety engineers its own designs and customised service that meets industry’s stringent standards when it comes to protection on the client’s site.

RISsafety designs, manufactures and distributes anchor points, horizontal and vertical fall protection systems, aluminium and fibreglass ladders and walkway systems, fall arrest retractable blocks (inertia reels), tripods and winches for confined space. To assist with worker safety in a results driven fast pace construction environment, RISsafety also has its own range of Australian Standard approved personal protective equipment (PPE).

RISsafety has also delivered the Southpoint Stage C, Jupiters Casino and Gurner FV. RISsafety has an extensive Australian portfolio, including Q1 Skypoint, Adelaide Oval Roof Climb, the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, contracts for the Australian Defence Services, Perth International Airport and Stockland Group, Railcorp, Bunnings and the Australian Submarine Corp.

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