Why Roof Anchor Points Keep Buildings Looking Great

Auckland Rooftop Anchor PointsWhen Cadogan Facilities Management a Facility Management company in Auckland, New Zealand took over one of the most prestigious apartment blocks situated in Auckland’s Viaduct Basin, there were plenty of things to consider. One of the most important was ensuring that “we had the best experts to come in and look after the best apartment block in Auckland!” said Ian McLeod, Director at Cadogan.

Soon after taking over the building management “it soon became apparent that the current window cleaners were not up to scratch as the building was starting to look a little bit shabby, so I bought in Off The Ledge window cleaners, who I had worked with previously to get it up to the right standard” Ian said. It was at this point that Cadogan was informed, that the current height safety system was not up to best practice and that the window cleaners didn’t feel safe. “It was also taking significant time to clean the windows as rigging up the safety harnesses was taking the same amount of time as it was to clean the windows as there were no roof anchor points” said Joe, Operations Manager at Off The Ledge.

This can be concerning for Facility Managers as it is important that all buildings are properly maintained and up to standard for height safety. For Facility Managers it is important to always deal with experts in height safety to ensure your building is up to code, so you have the assurance all your workers are kept safe.

When RISsafety was approached by Cadogan to talk through the current height safety situation, Nick Freeman, NZ Country Manager at RISsafety didn’t hesitate to contact Off The Ledge Window Cleaners, who would be the main user of the system.  “I really felt RISsafety got to know my building well and the fact they spoke to Off The Ledge window cleaners was fantastic, it gave me a lot of trust in the height safety system that was presented” said Ian McLeod, Cadogan.  “The benefit of RISsafety speaking with us was we are users of the system so know exactly the best place to put roof anchor points to allow maximum impact” said Joe.  One of RISsafety’s values is TEAM, ensuring we try to surpass our client’s expectations.  Our customer-centric approach ensures we have a dedicated team who consult with the client from design stage through to mobilisation and completion of the project and provides ongoing service delivery beyond handover.

“Ultimately I want a company that can get the job done, however Nick from RISsafety really engaged with me and educated me along the way” said Ian.  Once the height safety system and position of roof anchor points had been decided, installation on the day was a seamless process – “it was completed and certified in a day, the team that installed this, you just knew you were getting a good job”, said Ian.

Ultimately as a Facility Manager “I felt like RISsafety had my back on this” Ian went on to say. Height safety is RISsafety’s expertise and our ultimate goal is giving Facility Manager’s peace of mind that everyone will be kept safe on their premises.  Over and above safety, another benefit of ensuring the right roof anchor points were placed in the right position was that “it halved the time of our window cleaning and ensured we provided the best possible clean for our client, which ultimately saves everyone money” said Joe from Off The Ledge.

At RISsafety we love working with Facility Managers to ensure your buildings are safe for all workers, giving you peace of mind, but also ensuring that the height safety systems installed work best for your building, services and ultimately improve better outcomes for all.

Whether it’s a new building, existing building, or site audits and maintenance RISsafety prides themselves in designing, manufacturing, installing and inspecting height safety systems on any site, across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.  Contact us today for help with your next project.