Mirvac & Australian Technology Park

Aluminium Staircase at Australia Technology ParkMirvac’s Commercial building at Australian Technology Park in Eveleigh, Sydney, is a 6-storey building with an approximate 9000 square metre floor plate. The building is a Structural steel frame categorised by a large atrium that splits the floor plates from East to West. It also has a large metal profile roof and glazed skylights that sit above the large atrium space.

RISsafety was engaged by Daniel Corry, Senior Project Engineer at Mirvac, to supply an aluminium handrail and walkway solution that led to the internal skylights. “One of the features of the building is its large atrium. At the roof of the Atrium we have a large structural steel skylight that is glazed this includes a walkway on either side of the glazed section, which runs all the way down the length of the Atrium, so about 500m in total. We needed the walkway to provide access for maintenance and to provide access to the BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) for cleaning and other purposes” Daniel said. RISsafety also designed, manufactured and installed aluminium ladder systems and platforms, lifeline systems, access stairs and ladder brackets to access areas within the Plantroom, and for Access to the retail awnings along the street frontages.

“I was looking for a cost-effective alternative to the standard options, which was specified on the project. We didn’t need a heavy-duty web forge requirement for the walkways. So, I put this out to tender, and I found RISsafety from an online Google search and gave them the opportunity to tender for it” Daniel said. “From the start, I found the RISsafety team quick to respond, they were informative and detailed in their responses, especially for the pricing submissions. I dealt with Jonathon mainly and he was very calming. We were under lots of pressure to find a workable solution, and Jonathon reassured me that RISsafety was perfectly suited to the task as this is what they do every day –it was an easy decision.”

While there were 3 suppliers who tendered for this project, RISsafety was the perfect choice. “RIS stood out for 2 main reasons: cost, and the type of material. The fact they could provide an aluminium option, it was the quickest and safest option (particularly from an installation perspective) and it meant that we did not need to use the heavy-duty web forge option. Because RIS fabricated the material in longer lengths, this meant the installation was completed in longer sections than what you would get in an alternative product. So, aluminium was the easiest product to use for installation – and even for the user’s point of view” Daniel went on to explain.

One of RISsafety’s key benefits is that they design, manufacture, install, test, certify and then re-certify all their safety systems themselves. So, they really are a one-stop-safety-shop. Daniel found this a real benefit and a point of difference, “I have used other suppliers in the past, not as big as this project. The others are predominantly a middle-man who fabricated the ladder or platform, then we would have to find a height safety company to certify the system – whereas RIS do that all in-house. We’ve had issues with other suppliers because they either do the design, or just get the material only – but then they need another sub-contractor to install on their behalf, and it just gets messy. With RIS, you just deal with one company.” This often saves you time and gives you peace of mind that one supplier can handle your entire project.

“I’m looking at another upcoming project, so I’ve already engaged RISsafety for a quote and further information. I’ll use RIS again because I now know they will give a good quality install that is backed by a large company, large enough that you know they won’t walk away from a job until it is finished” Daniel said. “Definitely one of the better subcontractors I’ve had on a job”.

Want to get the same peace of mind as Daniel, for your ongoing safety requirements? Get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you too.


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