Height Safety on Sydney’s Iconic Buildings

RISsafety Sets High Standards for Working at Height Safety on Sydney’s Iconic Buildings

Height safety is lived and breathed by RISsafety, however it’s the approach they have with their customers that sets them apart. As the experts in height safety equipment and systems, RISsafety’s Key Account Executive Edward Craig says, “we put our clients at the heart of what we do.  We are constantly evolving and identifying ways to innovate.  We align our goals and strategies through our people which drives this ongoing transformation”.

Sydney Town Hall
Town Hall in Sydney Australia

It was this customer-centric approach that made RISsafety the preferred supply partner for a leading Infrastructure Services Provider, who provides operation, maintenance and management of public and private assets across many core industries. RISsafety has been engaged to provide height safety and fall arrest systems inspections and certification services. RIS also delivers technical advice around design consultation and systems installation to ensure safe access to the roof and areas where there are risks of falls.  A raft of difficult access façade maintenance tasks have been carried out at some of Sydney’s City landmark buildings. This includes Sydney Town Hall, Customs House, PACT Theatre, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Railway Square Interchange and many more.  With the widespread exposure and attraction of these iconic buildings, completing works without complication is imperative.

Meeting and exceeding Australian and New Zealand’s standards is critical, everything RISsafety designs, manufactures and installs, has also been tested and certified by accredited independent third parties. “RISsafety’s technical capability is industry leading, complying with ANZ standards, interpreting these and their application and then educating our client on this, which has significantly increased our knowledge” says RISsafety’s client. So, while RISsafety ensures height safety and fall arrest equipment in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1891.4, AS/NZS 5532, AS/NZS4488 AS/NZS 1657, the client says, “what really stood out was RISsafety’s flexibility and willingness to work with us through any issue.”

When RISsafety worked with their client on the mobilisation of this major contract, with a diverse portfolio of property types in the Sydney area, they faced numerous challenges as the information provided was not reflective of the actual assets requiring inspection, “RISsafety are always very flexible and their willingness to understand why we needed the changes and implement those variations with great responsiveness is commendable” said the client.  As Australia’s largest designer, manufacturer and installer of height safety and access solutions, responding quickly to client’s changing needs is imperative. The flexibility of RISsafety’s systems is a substantial point of difference as they develop bespoke solutions dependent onsite requirements, never relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. When it comes to height safety, providing compliant systems to prevent any falls or injuries is critical.

Customs House Sydney
Customs House Sydney

RISsafety has a dedicated team who consults with the client from the bid stage through to mobilisation of the project and oversees ongoing service delivery. With a national branch infrastructure in Australia and a presence in New Zealand, RIS delivers a consistent service which is evidenced by ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation. RISsafety provides technical expertise to assist in undertaking due diligence through consultation, providing training and instruction as well as providing safe plant and structures. “They are subject matter experts and they have shared that knowledge for the benefit of all” states RISsafety’s client.

For all clients both in Public and Private sectors RIS understands the importance and legal compliance implications of having code compliant buildings, safe access to roofs, serviceable equipment and protect workers at height.  However, for RISsafety it is more than that – it is about putting people first and taking a strategic approach with a long-term view to risk minimisation, data management and service delivery.  “Working with different clients, ensuring the safety of people working at height is extremely rewarding particularly where there is an alignment of corporate values. We place safety and health above all else, along with integrity, excellence and innovation” says Edward from RISsafety. “Knowing that we are keeping workers safe and forging long term partnerships to mitigate risks for our clients is extremely rewarding. It is a basic right of everyone to be safe in their workplaces and go home to their families.”

Whether it’s a refurbishment or upgrade to an existing building, new construction, general inspection and maintenance RISsafety prides themselves in designing, manufacturing, installing and inspecting height safety systems on any site, across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.