Sydney Metro

Sydney MetroRISsafety is Australia’s largest height safety provider and provides a fully integrated approach to the management of height safety and the protection of people working at heights. RISsafety’s product range has been designed using methods that maximise protection and minimise installation time during construction. With the market place becoming increasingly aware of the need for employee protection when working at heights, RISsafety is ideally positioned to provide local and overseas industries with practical solutions. RISsafety designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of tested and standards compliant products, including permanent anchor points, horizontal and vertical fall protection systems, aluminium and fibreglass ladders and walkway systems, fall arrest retractable blocks, tripods and winches for confined space, as well as having its own range of standards-approved personal protective equipment (PPE).

Six staff from RISsafety worked vigorously to provide a seamless service for the Sydney Metro Northwest project. The team were responsible for the manufacture, design and installation of the height safety system onsite. RISsafety proved their capabilities, and unwavering service, when working with very short time frames and staged installation on this particular project.

With a comprehensive engineering workshop, RISsafety is able to design solutions and construct complex structures to address height safety access issues that will ultimately fulfil and exceed the industry’s stringent guidelines. With eight branches around Australia, RISsafety is able to provide practical, cost effective and compliant fall protection, confined space and rope access systems.

Over many years, RISsafety has developed a successful internal management system which allows them to effectively handle large scale projects with major clients such as, Q1 SkyPoint Climb, Darwin Gaol, Australian Defence Force, Perth International Airport, NSW Department of Commerce (TAFE), Hansen Yuncken, Transfield, Woolworths and Railcorp to name a few.

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