ATOM Terminal Aluminium Gantry for BMD Largs North

The risks of falls can be mitigated with the use of gantries and walkway systems as it is an engineered solution that removes the risk of a workplace fall. Having a well designed and constructed height safety system that meets Australian Standards is imperative for anyone working at heights, as well as those responsible for employees and contractors that work at heights. So, when RISsafety was approached by BMD Constructions to provide a safety access solution for UGL Limited, a high-profile engineering services provider, we assessed the work tasks required to be completed at the site.


The Requirement

The client required gantry walkway access from one section of the terminal across to a newly installed ‘spill way bunding wall’ which is approximately 25 metres in length. Another major requirement was to include stair access to both sides of the wall. The gantry was also required to be wide enough & have a substantial strength rating to allow maintenance personnel to transit (with equipment) to both ends & sides of the spill wall.

What RISsafety Provided

Our expert team at RISsafety designed a custom Aluminium Gantry walkway complete with handrails and staircase to allow access around the concrete spill wall. Further to this, we also supplied and installed all necessary components of the system.

How We Did It

When it came to installing the gantry system, we fixed the gantry supports and legs into the concrete floor and wall, using appropriate fixings. The supports were then bolted to the legs, using structural bolts. The custom gantry system was pre-fabricated in our factory, then transported to the site and installed by RISsafety trained installers.

Certification and Testing

All of our platforms & gantries are independently tested and certified, giving you the peace of mind needed with safety equipment. What’s more is that our systems meet, and even exceed, Australian standards.

Bespoke & Customised Safety Solutions

We know that the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work. At RISsafety we pride ourselves on our customer centric style that ensures you have a dedicated team who consults with you from design stage through to completion and ongoing service beyond delivery. So, we’ll give you peace of mind, regardless of what your height safety requirement is, so that you meet the highest levels of height safety in your workplace.