Why RISsafety Should Be Your Next Career Move

October 18 2019

Women in a business meetingWhen you think about your career and how you want it to play out, not all companies are on the same wavelength as you. So, making your ideal career happen and finding the company with the right culture can become complex. At RISsafety, we love working with people who are as passionate as we are, so when we find the right people, we do everything we can to keep them. We believe we have best-in-class employees, some who have worked with us for over a decade and others who just started a few weeks ago. Regardless of time or the position you hold, everyone at RISsafety is given the greatest opportunity to succeed.

“I love the challenge of my role; I love the fact that every day is different in my role too. The support network at RISsafety is a large factor in my growth as a leader. Success to me is about supporting and mentoring my team. I am passionate about the service we offer and I’m excited about what the future holds for both the business and the team” said Alice Morgan, National Recertification Manger based in Hobart (who manages a national team – because flexibility and lifestyle is part of what we believe in at RISsafety!). Alice started with RISsafety 10 years ago as a part-time data entry clerk, just after finishing her university degree. At the time, Alice’s manager identified that there was an opportunity for Alice to grow with the business. Now, 10 years later, Alice has grown from a part time data entry operator into our National Recertification Manager managing 17 staff members across the country. “Regardless of your role, everyone is valued based on contribution to the business. Senior management are always available to all staff, and we all have a direct line of communication to senior management. Rank doesn’t matter at RIS” said Alice.

“As a working mum, flexibility and having a work-life balance is also important – and this is something that RISsafety promotes” said Alice. With flexible working arrangements, people returning to work have dedicated areas for feeding and expressing – and always feel welcomed back into the business. With flexibility comes accountability and autonomy – so as long as our people make their contribution to the business, then we continue to support a flexible work-life balance. Alice went on to say that “the people at RIS have created a great culture. We help each other because we want to, not because we have to.”

Mina has been with the RIS business for several weeks as our Business Development Manager in VIC. She said that “one of the first things that stood out straight away when I was researching the role at RIS was the standard and quality of product and services and as well as their key projects. This was then amplified when I had the opportunity to meet the management team one by one, who are competent, inspiring, caring and generous.” It’s not often you get to meet senior leaders so early on in an organisation, but RISsafety’s leaders ensure that it puts its people first. The induction process was another area that stood out to Mina and she mentioned that “the investment that the company makes in their new hires is a great opportunity to gain a practical sense of what the projects look and feel like and I enjoyed it very much!”.

“In my opinion the industrial space is a very exciting field for females in particular to be in. It involves logistical thinking and problem solving. Women do thrive in this area in my opinion!” Mina laughed. At RISsafety, we continuously want to attract people who are driven to succeed. It’s for this reason that there’s plenty of ongoing support around the business. “I noticed there’s plenty of support if you want it, people want you to do well and are not constantly asking what you’re doing or micro-managing you” said Mina.

If you want to work at a company with a supportive culture, where everyone is valued, where there is an immense amount of learning and where you a treated as a person, not a number – then visit our Careers page today and  apply for a role that is suitable for you.

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