Working at Height Safety Solutions For One Of NSW’s Largest Schools

Westfields Sports High School Front EntranceWestfield Sports High School is the 2nd largest school in NSW and keeps growing every year. As the school quickly ran out of space to accommodate students, demountable buildings were brought in as a temporary solution. As a result of this growth, the school is undergoing a massive development by constructing 23 new classrooms, 5 workshops, a large multi-purpose space, several labs and other student learning spaces. The construction is estimated to be complete in about 3 months. On completion, the school will be able to support about 2,000 students with the anticipated increase of students to come in the next 20-30 years. Talking with Bren Lukic, Project Manager from Hindmarsh Constructions, he said “It’s a huge project, it’s 4 storeys high and will hold over 400 extra students.”

Working at height safety on a building like this, is of the utmost importance, and this is where RISsafety comes in. Having previously worked with RISsafety on an aged care facility in Penrith Sydney, Bren mentioned “RISsafety did a very good job there, and we have a great relationship with them so I had no hesitation in getting them involved in this project too.” Bren went on to say “to be fair to other subbies, we always get between 3-6 quotes. Out of those 6 quotes we look at a whole range of factors like pricing, mobility, relationship and service and then we pick the best supplier. There was no question about RISsafety’s ability to deliver on all aspects.”

“We needed a height safety solution for the new building. This included a custom height safety system with roof anchor points, which would be used for building maintenance, solar panel maintenance, installing additional TV antennas and the like.” RISsafety thrive on delivering bespoke working at height safety solutions for every application. As Australia and New Zealand’s leading height safety provider we design, test and install systems for any requirement on your site, whether permanent or temporary solutions are required.

“RISsafety delivers a quality product. But the most important thing for me is the quick turnaround time. If I need drawings, they are delivered quickly. Within 7 days of signing a contract, we have RISsafety’s team on site to commence the install. Other suppliers just cannot deliver to the timeframes we need” Bren stated. Once the height safety system is installed, it is Bren’s responsibility to inspect and confirm that it all meets Australian standards, so “I actually get up on the roof and use the harness and anchor points to asses it” he said.

“With RISsafety, I know they will deliver a good solution and it will be on time. This means we save money because we’re not getting hit by late delivery fees from our clients” Bren went on to say. “I just like that when they propose a solution, whatever they promise – that is what they deliver. There is no BS!”.

At RISsafety everything we do meets or exceeds AU & NZ standards and maintains our ISO9001 accreditation. We believe in putting our customers at the heart of everything we do, so we deliver to tight timelines and ensure we give them what they need, when they need it. If you would like expert advice for height safety contact us today.


Westfields Sports High School Safety Ladder Safety Ladder on Roof Roof Access Roof Ladder