University of South Australia

Height Safety at University of South AustraliaAs with any construction project, maintenance, protection and open accessibility are paramount in order to ensure that there is easy passage and safety of the construction team and all individuals who enter the building. This is where RISsafety comes in, a specialist supplier of personal protective and safety equipment requirements for high risk industries and activities.

RISsafety safety was engaged to provide a range of height safety solutions for the University of South Australia. Through the installation of an engineered system of rails, davit arms and anchor points, RISsafety was able to provide access to all internal and external sides of the building, windows and maintenance systems. The company also fabricated a large amount of walkways to provide maintenance access for internal management and air conditioning systems.

The suspended aluminium gantry, includes internal abseil rails and safe rails systems. RISsafety has engineered these gantries to provide a lightweight safety solution to large projects that offers flexible in their use to access areas. With the high number of trade service contractors working onsite, locating the 60 different points and droppers for the gantry within the available ceiling space required acute designation. With only 7mm of construction tolerance, there also had to be a high degree of coordination of design modelling. With seven installers, RISsafety commenced work onsite in December 2016 and completed the work by the end of October 2017.

RISsafety has branches all over Australia. Other projects include the Air 7000 Maritime Patrol Aircraft replacement project, the Campbell barracks in Western Australia, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, as well as the Design and Construction of the exciting Adelaide oval roof climb adventure walk.

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