Ensuring A Compliant Roof Safety System For The Latest Distribution Centre

Roof Safety System WalkwayWhen Dicker Data commissioned Novati Construction with their new 20,000 sqm Distribution Centre and 6,000 sqm Office Space, Novati knew they had to partner with knowledgeable and experienced trades for this latest state-of-the-art industrial project. RISsafety was commissioned by Novati to design, construct and install the complete roof safety system for both the Sydney Distribution Centre and Office Building, which included:

RISsafety was not given the project easily though, as it went through a strict competitive tender process. “RISsafety was recommended to us from a Contract Administrator within the industry along with a few others” said Joshua Carlson, Contract Administrator, Novati Construction. “However, I did a lot of reference checking with other people who had worked with them on other projects and everyone spoke very highly of RISsafety. Their proposal was also very thorough, but what really stood out was RISsafety picked up a few areas of the project that were not compliant to code and came up with a great solution to make sure it was compliant. No other safety company picked this up, so it gave us confidence that we were working with an experienced company and that really influenced our decision in the end”, said Joshua.

When it comes to large scale construction projects it is important that height safety is considered from the initial design stage and most importantly, that you partner with experts to ensure you are certified to meet Australian Height Safety Standards. Everything RISsafety design, manufacture and install has been tested and certified by accredited independent third parties and is of the highest quality; this is evident by our ISO9001 Quality Management Accreditation. In the case of Dicker Data Distribution Centre, the walkover platforms we used were fibreglass walkway sections to provide a fixed walkway over the translucent roof sheet as these roof sheets are non-trafficable. By using the appropriate cross overs, RISsafety allowed for a designated walkway path installed between anchor points to ensure safe access when traversing the roof to prevent a potential fall if a contractor was to step on the translucent roof sheet. The Fiberglass walkway is a yellow safety colour and is easily identified when on a light surface roof sheet.

“RISsafety also had a very streamlined and thorough process” said Joshua, Novati Construction. “It was an extremely easy transition from all the administration process to the actual implementation on site. RISsafety was very flexible when coming to site and installing the roof safety system. I heard no complaints at all from the Site Manager, so you know it went well!” Joshua said. “RISsafety’s customer centric approach is often what sets us apart in winning tenders” said Jonathan, RISsafety Business Development Manager. RISsafety has a dedicated team who consults with the client from design stage through to mobilisation and completion of the project and provides ongoing service delivery beyond handover. “While we deliver a great product and service, it is about giving our customers peace of mind that their roof safety system will ensure everyone goes home safe” said Jonathan. “At the end of the day, Jonathan from RISsafety delivered on everything he communicated, it was just really easy” said Joshua.

At RISsafety, we have a highly trained team of experts. Our team consistently completes rigorous training and development to ensure we are up to date with the latest standards and best practices so all employees can offer quality expert advice in height safety solutions, to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers.

If you have a construction project you are working on, considering height safety at the initial phase will likely ensure a better roof safety system design and a simpler implementation. So, contact us today for expert advice and design for your height safety system.


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