Q1 SkyPoint Climb

Q1 Gold CoastSkyPoint (formerly Q1 Observation Deck and QDeck) is an observation deck located 230 metres (750 ft) off the ground at the top of the Q1 on the Gold Coast, Australia. The attraction is operated by Ardent Leisure, and it is the tallest building in Australia (including the spyre).

As principle contractor, RISsafety was engaged to conceptualise, design, survey, off site fabricate, on site construct and commission every work­ing element of the Skypoint Climb for the Ardent Leisure Group on the very top of the Iconic Q1 Building, centre of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. This project involved designing a walkway and safety rail system that was superimposed on the building structure to allow a capacity of 20 people at any one time.

Involved in this project were 2 Engineers, 1 Project Safety Manager, 1 Site Safety Coordinator, 1 Construction Manager, 3 Labourers, 2 Boiler Makers as well as Rope Access Technicians, Riggers – and a combined total of 180 project meetings and 220 on-site safety meetings!

Our challenge on this project was to combine every product and service RISsafety offers, into one project on one location and deliver the project without incident or injury on budget and ahead of time. Successfully delivering this project, and other similar projects, is something we pride ourselves on.

At RISsafety we live by the values, SAFETY, PROTECTION, QUALITY, SOLUTIONS and TEAM.  It is these values that set us apart. Quality is at the absolute heart of everything we do. All our systems have been independently tested and certified to meet and even exceed Australian and New Zealand Standards and are 1SO9001 accredited.

During this SkyPoint project no element could be welded to the existing structure and no single element could weigh over 90kg. We used 40 tonne of steel, I tonne of aluminium, 1 tonne of stainless steel, 100m of bespoke safety rail system, 100 bespoke harnesses, 100 climb suits, 200 bespoke lanyards, 300m of stainless steel safety cables, 75 debris safety nets – all while 1000+ tourists were visiting the site each day! And we’re proud to say that this all went off without a hitch – and no lost time to injuries.

If you have a height safety project, then get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you too.