A gantry for Edgecliff station

We’re proud of our safety contributions to Australia’s transport sector. Thanks to our branch network (the largest in Australia), we are able to deliver safety solutions to hundreds of train stations, distribution centres and terminals across the country. Our long-standing relationship with partners such as Transport for NSW is key to that success. In a month our team was able to install a new gantry and static safety line on the roof of Edgecliff Station.

“I engaged with the RISsafety team for safety and risk audits, and the gantry system was a recommendation from those checks,” explains Les Ireland, the CBD District Maintenance Coordinator for Transport for NSW.

Because we conducted the safety audit we were able to identify risks and safety requirements and start the manufacturing and installation process more efficiently. Says RISsafety Business Development Manager, Michael Mulhall: “The existing system was installed almost approximately eight to 10 years ago and, although at the time may have been suitable, it no longer provides safe access to all areas for periodic maintenance… We were able to reach out to the customer and raise concerns about the access, therefore providing them with an up-to-date compliant system to address the access for maintenance.

The only challenge in installing a new custom gantry system was inclement weather. “There were some delays with getting the project completed due to the heavy rain,” says Les. “But other than that the whole installation process was really good.”

The project was still completed in under two months, and ensures that the Edgecliff site is up to code with a made-to-fit gantry that allows for easy and safe roof access, and a safety line for access to all parts of the roof as needed. “They sent me photos of the project and my management were very happy with the result as well,” Les says. 

Clear communication and a detailed end-to-end service is at the core of our strong client relationships, and ensures ongoing collaboration to maintain safe sites for all. Adds Les: “All the stuff that the RISsafety team does is thorough. They communicate regularly throughout the process for our peace of mind and make the whole process really efficient. We’ve been working with RISsafety for a year and a half so far it’s been good. They make our lives a lot easier.”

Adds Michael: “It is enjoyable working with people who have the experience and understanding on height safety and incorporating that with the client’s needs. A good example of teamwork and customer service.”

Is your site due for a safety check or comprehensive compliance audit? Whether it’s an airport terminal or a suburban transport hub, our team can undertake thorough inspections for certification and provide recommendations to ensure your site remains compliant with Australian and NZ Safety Standards. Contact our team to book an inspection.