A Gantry for Adelaide Education Centre

We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end accessibility solutions for businesses, from initial site audit and recommendations through to implementation of those solutions. Many of our site accessibility projects stem from a need to replace temporary solutions to something more permanent to ensure safety of service personnel.

Gantry system on rooftop

The installation of a platform or gantry is not only an easy, maintenance-free option for safe access of hard-to-reach spaces, that protects working completing tasks at heights by significantly reducing  the risk of falls. At RISsafety, our team can provide quality end-to-end gantry systems, from custom design to suit your requirements, through to installation. Our custom gantry systems can be engineered to your exact requirements to improve safety and efficiency of getting tasks completed. We strive to help businesses of all sizes with quality access solutions for cooling towers, crane access, suspended air conditioning units and more, with safety at top of mind.

Recently we were approached by SPOTLESS to provide a solution for maintenance personnel to access the mechanical air-conditioning units for the Government of South Australia’s Adelaide East Education Centre. The existing temporary steel scaffolding system used as access was non-compliant, which compromised the safety of service maintenance personnel.

Gantry system on rooftop in Adelaide

It was apparent that a custom-designed gantry walkway was necessary to design and install quickly, maximising ease of access and the safety of workers in the space as soon as possible. We have created custom gantry systems for the likes of Warrington Fire and Rio Tinto among many others, so having that familiarity and expertise meant that the solution could be engineered and implemented efficiently.

Keeping quality design and the Australian Safety Standards at top of mind, we fabricated a platform gantry in sections, which allowed for easy transportation from the ground floor to the rooftop on the 19th floor, and construction. As with any of our systems, this design was tested and certified for safety and reliability by independent third parties.

Gantry system on rooftop

Download our brochure to learn more about our gantry solutions. If you have a new or existing project underway and need assistance bringing your site up to required safety standards, get in touch today.